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Abant date is known olmasada too old! Have a lot of information about the history of Abant olmasakta used since the ancient period as a campus we can understand, written in much research material olmasada lake with dip since prehistoric ages, the place can be understood.
Besides, around the Abant Lake and Abant especially after the year 1970 li movies with yeşilçam presentation largely increased and the country has become the center of the romance.


And Rights Dereler to Abant Plateau hostels unique taste of barbecued food is tadmadınız yet? This unique in nature and a warm family environment with care, prepared with hygiene never forget the taste of food can not.

The quality and experienced chefs prepare delicious meals for you for absolutely tadmalısınız.


We're serving you 10 years experience, our goal, we offer a vacation to a peaceful calm and clean. Pension, 13 km from Abant Abant direction in Junction and is easy to transport.

Pension and 6 rooms, double beds and extra beds are possible. Rooms are available in televiyozn and minibar. Peaceful and calm environment, and you spent your weekend if you want to invite you Pansiyon'una Abant Plateau.

5 minutes distance by car to the Abant Lake are away and can meet the unique natural beauty, and you can spend a good time.

Thank you for visiting our site, we are honored to give you.

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